How to Dress your Newborn Baby in Four Seasons

How to Dress your Newborn Baby in Four Seasons

A newborn baby has came to your family that means the learning journey as a parent is about to begin. The road of parenting is tedious and laborious, involving all aspects of food, clothing, housing, and transportation. As a new parent, there are always many questions and difficulties to be overcome.

We know that little babies are not as afraid of cold as many old people think. Under normal circumstances, as long as they wear similar clothes to young people, they can even wear a little less. In many areas, the temperature difference between seasons varies greatly. Therefore, parents need to increase or decrease the appropriate amount of clothing for their babies according to different seasons and temperatures.

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In the early spring, you can properly cover the baby, and don't lose clothes too early. 

If your baby is not sweating, there is no need to undress. When parents feel hot themselves, they can first try to reduce a piece of clothing for the baby, and replace the thick padded jacket with a thin padded jacket.

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When the weather warms up, it can be gradually reduced, but it needs to be done one by one, and don't reduce too little at once.

The baby can walk and like to play outdoors. When the baby is exercising, don't put too thick clothes on the baby. It is best to put on light and easy-to-untie clothing for your baby to facilitate outdoor activities.

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When the weather is hot in summer, the human body is prone to sweating. The baby is lively and active, and can't be idle for a moment, so the mother should appropriately dress the baby a little less, and the clothing should be ventilated.

The younger the baby, the more afraid of heat. Don't think that the baby is afraid of the cold when he is young, and put too many clothes on him, so that it is easy to cover up prickly heat or eczema.

For small babies, in summer, you can wear short-sleeved shorts for the baby , or directly wear a one - piece hip-pack , so that the thighs are exposed, which is also conducive to heat dissipation. 

For older babies, boys can wear short-sleeved shirts or vests, shorts or bibs, and girls can wear sleeveless dresses.

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From the hot summer to the refreshing autumn, the temperature is not stable at the beginning of the autumn. Parents should add or remove clothes for their babies in time according to the weather to prevent their babies from catching a cold and coughing.

In autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is huge, and the morning and evening are cool, and might be hot at noon. When you go out with your baby, adjust your baby's clothes in time.

If the temperature is more than 20 degrees, you can put a short-sleeved top on the baby in the morning and a thin coat over it. This way, you can take off your jacket when you feel hot in the middle of the day.

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No matter how low the temperature is, when the average temperature is more than ten degrees, the baby can wear a long-sleeved shirt or a long-sleeved over-the-knee dress , plus a thick fleece outside, or knitted clothes or a cape. Decide whether you need to add a vest on a case-by-case basis. Pants can be replaced with thicker leggings or jeans.

During outdoor activities, when parents feel hot, help the baby to take off the coat before the baby is sweating. If the baby is already sweating, don't undress the baby immediately, but first wipe the sweat off the baby's body and help the baby to untie the coat.


Just entering the winter, do not rush to add clothes to the baby, let the baby slowly adapt to the process of gradually getting colder. As long as the baby has no symptoms of sneezing and coughing, it can be properly frozen to enhance the baby's resistance and allow the baby to withstand cold weather.

In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, so clothes should be divided into indoor clothes and outdoor clothes . Wear more when you go out and less when you are indoors.

Clothes for outdoor activities should have better thermal insulation, to prevent cold air from entering the neckline and cuffs.

The more popular onion-style dressing method, as the name suggests, is dressing like an onion, which can be peeled off layer by layer. The biggest advantage of the onion dressing method is that it can be put on and taken off freely, and it can maintain a sense of fashion and eye-catching in different temperatures and spaces.


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