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Children's clothing is referred to as kids's clothing, which refers to clothing suitable for children. According to the age group, it includes baby clothing , toddler clothing, children clothing, middle children clothing, big children clothing, etc. It also includes school clothing for primary and secondary schools. According to the type of clothes, it is divided into: jumpsuits, coats, pants, sweaters, suits, T-shirts , shoes, etc.

The material requirements of children's clothes are higher than that of adults. They should be good-looking and comfortable to wear. The key is to ensure the quality of children's clothes and not damage children's health.

Children Clothes Industry Analysis:  Kids Clothing Online Store Vancouver

Children's clothing industry has begun to enter a period of rapid development, and the industry competition will become more and more fierce with the continuous entry of enterprises. In fact, the domestic high-end children's clothing industry is mainly dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2011, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for more than 99% of the high-end children's clothing enterprises above designated size; in terms of asset scale, the proportion of assets of small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 75%; From the perspective of the proportion of sales revenue, the sales revenue of small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 86.08%. This means that the proportion of the number of enterprises is much higher than the proportion of assets and sales.

Market Situation: Kids Clothes Consignment Store BC

Children's clothing covers all clothing for the 0-16 age group. According to the age group, it can be subdivided into baby clothes, children's clothes, children's clothes, middle-aged children's clothes, big children's clothes, juvenile clothes, etc.

Since the children's clothing market will have a large space for development in the next few years, some domestic and foreign companies are generally optimistic about the prospects for the development of the children's clothing market and begin to set foot in children's clothing. operate. In the next few years, the consumption of children's clothing market will maintain an annual growth of more than 12%, and become one of the most growing consumer markets in the world. However, due to the low scientific and technological content of my country's children's clothing industry, the threshold for enterprises to enter the market is low, and its marketing model and product development are easy to be imitated.

In order to expand market share, many children's clothing enterprises will plan different marketing according to their business positioning. strategies to compete in the high-end or mid-market.

Kids Clothes Fabric: Baby Clothing Online Store Vancouver

Children's clothing fabrics and styles are more stringent than adults: fabrics and accessories are more and more natural and environmentally friendly. According to the characteristics of children's skin and body, more harmless fabrics such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, natural colored cotton, wool and fur are used; The above is the pursuit of fashion, and popular elements such as sequins, embroidery, flared trouser legs, and ruffles are all reflected in the design of children's clothing. Adultization is reflected in the increase of solid color and dark clothing, and the style follows the fashion trend of adult clothing, or is fashionable and mature or simple and generous, reflecting "aristocratic leisure". In addition, many clothes are miniature versions of adult clothes. If they are enlarged to adult size, young people in their 20s and 30s can wear them completely. The gentrification is mainly reflected in the fact that famous brand children's clothing occupies a large market share. Well-known brands can be seen everywhere in various cities, and consumers pay more and more attention to famous brands when purchasing children's clothing.


Advantages: soft and elastic, soft and natural luster, comfortable and beautiful to wear, high-grade feeling, good hygroscopicity, not easy to conduct heat, good heat retention, anti-wrinkle, especially good pleating and forming after garment processing and ironing. Clothing style retention;

Disadvantages: not resistant to alkali, shrinkage, easy to wrinkle; Precautions: The washing temperature should not be too high, avoid scrubbing and twisting forcefully, and avoid sun exposure; Ironing points: wet ironing method, ironing the fabric from the reverse side.

Cotton Fabric

Advantages: strong hygroscopicity, good dyeing performance, soft hand feeling, comfortable wearing, simple appearance, not easy to be eaten by insects, firm and durable.

Disadvantages: high shrinkage, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, poor shape retention of clothing, easy to mildew, slight fading phenomenon, not acid-resistant.

Matters needing attention: Clothing and cotton cloth should be protected from moisture and mildew during storage, use and storage; it should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, and the inner layer should be turned out when drying.

Ironing points: low and medium temperature ironing; when ironing at medium temperature, cover the clothes with a dry cloth to avoid aurora.

Cotton Silk

Advantages: After the cotton fabric is treated with high concentration of caustic soda (wool), the hand feel is smooth, the color is bright, silky luster, and it is comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages: There is a slight fading phenomenon. Note: It is basically the same as cotton fabric.

Imitation leather

Fabric technology: The fabric is made of high-quality base cloth and high-grade PU glue.

Advantages: The fabric has the "flesh" feeling of genuine leather, soft and smooth, elastic, soft luster, excellent non-iron, and has good wind, rain, and water functions (imitation leather flocking has a strong plush feeling, reflecting animal fur style, rough and wild).

Maintenance care: Do not iron, do not machine wash. Do not rub heavily, only lightly wash. Do not dry, do not touch sharp objects. Do not touch open flames. Sticky properties are not allowed. Non-foldable packaging, need to be hung for collection. After washing, dry with the reverse side facing out.

Hemp Fabric: Tiny Cottons Onepiece Short Sleeve for Babies (18M)

Advantages: good water absorption, comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle and fade.

Precautions: Do not scrub with a hard brush, do not twist forcefully, and avoid sun exposure.

Ironing points: When ironing, you need to sprinkle water evenly, and iron at medium temperature.

T/C fabric

Fabric technology: It is made of fine denier or ultra-fine denier polyester fiber and high-count combed cotton (40, 60, 80, etc.).

Advantages: The fabric feels crisp, smooth and bright in color. It has good elasticity, moisture absorption and air permeability, and has a smooth surface and a certain rainproof function.

Washing and maintenance: The washing temperature is below 30C, the washing and soaking time is not more than 30 minutes, no chlorine bleaching, no exposure to the sun, no wringing, no tumble drying, suitable for drying in the shade, and pay attention to moisture-proof.

Wool Polyester Fabric

Wool polyester fabric: refers to the fabric made of wool and polyester blended yarn, which is the most common type of blended wool fabric. The common ratio of wool-polyester blend is 45:55, which can not only maintain the advantages of wool, but also give full play to the advantages of polyester;

Advantages: wool and polyester blend, light texture, good wrinkle recovery performance. Strong and wear-resistant, easy to wash and quick-dry, dimensionally stable, and pleated for a long time;

Washing points: first soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then wash with general synthetic detergent. The temperature of the lotion should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. The dirty parts of the neckline and cuffs can be gently brushed with a soft brush. After cleaning, it can be lightly twisted. , Dry in a cool and ventilated place, do not expose to the sun, do not dry, so as not to wrinkle due to ripening. 

Silk Fabric

Advantages: smooth, shiny, comfortable to wear, elegant and luxurious;

Disadvantages: poor anti-wrinkle ability, poor light resistance, can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, sensitive to alkali reaction;

Ironing points: ironing at low and medium temperature on the reverse side, evenly when spraying water. 

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