Consignment Policy

  Thank you for choosing Minimore as your consignment service provider. This Consignment Agreement, hereinafter referred to as “Agreement” is between you, consignor who wishes to sell a certain product or products, which shall hereinafter be referred to generally as the “items,” and Minimore or we, consignee who wishes to sell the Product on behalf of Consignor. The Agreement outlines the specifics about terms, conditions, fees, payment, and consignee’s commission. The Agreement also clarifies options regarding Product that is not sold after joining our consignment service. If you have any questions about this Consignment Agreement, please email us at:

  1. When you prepare the items for consignment, PLEASE mark those that can be donated, given they are not sold 90 days and those that need to be returned to you. If the items are not specifically marked, the items that are not sold will be donated to local charities. You can choose a time to pick up the items or let us know if you want us to donate it on your behalf.
  2. Once we receive your Product, it will take a few weeks to inspect and set the price (based on current market conditions). We will notify you by email and you will see all information regarding the price of the Product in your consignor account(log in through Ricochet). Minimore reserves the right to price the product.
  3. Minimore will check the condition of the items and inform you whether we will accept it or not via text or email.  Items not taken in can be picked up or donated to local charity.
  4. If you do not agree with the evaluated price of the Product, you have three days to email us to request return to you. If you fail to do so, we will take that you accept the price and list the Product on our website for sale.
  5. Childrens’ clothes and shoes (new born to 16-year-old’s) should be in good condition.  All items must be freshly laundered and free of stains, rips, holes, tears, odors, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.
  6. If the Product is not sold after 90 day, Minimore reserves the right to mark down for the next 60 days, which will be 20%-30% off the price first listed on our website.
  7. When the Product is still not sold after the extended 60 days, Minimore will email or text you to make an appointment to take it back. The Product which you have marked as “optional for donation” will be directly donated to local charities.
  8. If the product is missing certain accessories such has hats when given us for the consignment service, an additional 20% off will be added to the marked down price.
  9. Minimore Kids does not guarantee whether the Product will be sold or not. 
10. All marked prices are determined by the new retail price, current condition and salability. You will receive 40% of the price sold.  The payment of the Product sold will be shown in your account as a store credit. You may choose the following options for the payments:
    • Use the store credit+20% to make a purchase from our store.
    • Request a cheque for your payment from Minimore at the end of each month-simply put in a request and pick up in person.
    • Direct payment via e-transfer. A processing fee $2.00 will be deducted from the balance of the payment for each transfer.
     11.  We will not re-issue the cheque if it is lost or unclaimed after 6 months of fate written .
     12.  Minimore shall not be liable for any loss or damage occurring to the Product due to theft, fire, or for any other reason.  All risk of ownership of consigned items shall stay with the consignor.
     13.  The Product marked as “optional for donation”will be donated to local charity.