Children Fashionable Winter Wear | Kids Clothing Store Vancouver

Children Fashionable Winter Wear | Kids Clothing Store Vancouver

With the drop in temperature, the "black, white and gray" iron triangle has begun to madly brush the "sense of presence" on the streets and in our wardrobes. At first glance, not only adults, but also many children are "shrouded" in their dull and monotonous atmosphere. 

Oh no! Winter is already quiet and lonely because "there are no flowers blooming, no insects and warblers". If you let your children wear the same monotonous and dull "black, white and gray", how can you interpret the colorful childhood? ?

A variety of popular colors such as red and dazzling blue are used to decorate the child's winter, so that the baby can wear a fashionable new attitude of fashion and warmth.

Retro green - Children's Clothes Store Vancouver

Retro green is a cool green tone, giving people a sense of tranquility and vitality. Did you know? It is the "scheming color" of low-key colors. Although it is not as bright as warm colors in terms of visual effects, it is very eye-catching when worn on the body. Little Islay's retro green down jacket also uses fabrics that shine with metallic luster. Under the sunlight, the clothes shine with beautiful green light and exude endless charm, which is unforgettable. At the same time, considering that the large area of ​​retro green will make people feel a little monotonous and depressing, the designer of Little Islay also used bright yellow to splicing design on the neckline, hat brim and zipper interface. 

You must know that yellow is the strongest trendy color that attracts attention in a second, and bright yellow with high brightness and saturation has its own reflector attribute, which makes retro green look more textured and makes the overall design More lively, showing the child's youthful vitality and enthusiasm.

Cherry red - Kids Clothing Online Store Vancouver

Children's Clothes Store Vancouver

Red, with dazzling high saturation, represents passion, enthusiasm, giving people an infectious and energetic positive and optimistic feeling. Compared with other red tones, cherry red is more sweet and stunning, with higher brightness and purity, which can complement the fair complexion of people and make people full of temperament. Little Islay's A-shaped down jacket with bunny ears uses a passionate cherry red as the main color, which can add a touch of fiery emotion to the cold winter, making it more eye-catching for children. And the rabbit ear decoration on the hat not only caters to the preferences of cute little girls, but also makes the whole dress look sweet and playful. With the blessing of 90% white duck down filling, the child wears it as warm as being wrapped in a duvet. Therefore, this rabbit-eared A-shaped down jacket can be described as a "strength school" with both appearance and function.

Dazzling blue - Kids Clothes Store Vancouver

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Blue, vibrant and versatile, has a visual impact, and is a color with its own healing and purification functions. The dazzling blue color used in this down jacket of Xiao Ilaiyi children's clothing is more connotative than sky blue, and it is not as dark as deep indigo, which well maintains the balance between the sense of calmness and the sense of movement. Moreover, the little Islay designer did not use dazzling blue as the main color of the whole dress, but placed it on the important front and shoulders, and then used calm black as the base color. The interweaving of black and blue is harmonious and atmospheric. It looks like the dawn of the dawn, and the blue sky will cover the black night full of vitality. If you add a pair of jeans and small sneakers to the child, it can make the child fashionable and energetic.


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