How to Choose the Right Shoes For Your Children?

How to Choose the Right Shoes For Your Children?

Your baby's shoes are vital to your baby's foot development.

So, how to choose the right shoes for your child? What should you pay attention to when buying shoes?

Let's have a look!

How to buy children's shoes | Children Clothes Vancouver

1. Baby shoes

Colors should not be too bright, as brightly colored materials may contain heavy metals or toxic chemicals.

Pay attention to the thread. If the thread is not handled properly, it will entangle the child's toes, which will easily cause the toes to bleed smoothly and cause festering.

2. Toddler shoes

The sole is moderately soft and hard. The sole should not be too hard, it is easy to get tired when walking;

The sole should not be too soft, too soft, the baby will easily sprain when walking.

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Stick-on shoes are best. Children at this age can't tie their shoelaces and will stumble and fall if the laces come loose.

3. Steady shoes and walking shoes: Baby clothes Store Vancouver

From the time children go to kindergarten, special attention should be paid to the development of children's footsteps and the safety of toes, ankles, and foot joints.

The upper should be soft and moderate, and the back of the shoe should be hard to protect the ankle joint.

During this period, the child's ligaments are developing, and the back of the shoe is too soft and easy to cramp the foot.

This period is also the period of children's arch development, so pay attention to the bending point in the center of the shoe, and have enough support to protect the arch.


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What to pay attention to when buying children's shoes

1. Brand effect

It is best to buy products from well-known companies, which have long-term operations and guarantee the details and quality of children's shoes.

2. The price is moderate.

Don't buy too expensive or too cheap, too expensive is unnecessary, children grow up quickly, and soon they can't wear shoes, causing waste.

Too cheap, the quality may not be up to standard, and there are many harmful substances, which are harmful to children's health.

3. Loose is the best.

Buy slightly loose, don't buy skinny.

Because children's muscles and foot bones are very tender, children's shoes are too small to affect the development of foot muscles and ligaments;

It is too large and difficult to grasp the center of gravity, which will affect the correct posture of the child's activities and walking.

Therefore, buy slightly loose shoes that can fit a finger.

4. Cloth shoes are preferred: Kids Clothing Online Vancouver

Before children go to primary school, it is best not to buy leather, but to buy cloth.

Because the feet have a rich network of nerves and blood vessels, preschool children's foot vascular nerves are developing,

Wearing leather shoes will compress local nerves and blood vessels, affect the growth and development of toes and soles, and even cause foot deformities in severe cases.

Cloth shoes are light, breathable and comfortable to wear.

5. Flat shoes are appropriate.

Don't buy shoes with thick and heavy heels, prefer flat soles.

Shoes with heels will cause center offset, which is prone to bad symptoms such as bent knees, raised hips, and bowed waist.

Flat shoes help protect the normal arch of the foot, without causing muscle and ligament strain, and shoes that are too heavy can also cause ankle and muscle damage.

How to take care of kid's shoes


When cleaning leather and artificial leather children's shoes, wipe them with a soft dry cloth instead of washing them with water.

Once it gets wet, you can wipe it dry with a soft cloth, then put a absorbent paper inside and put it in a dry and ventilated place.

Remember not to expose to the sun, do not use hair dryers and dryers, to avoid damage to the leather.


Cortical children's shoes should be rubbed with oil regularly to avoid sharp objects contacting with chemicals, oil, and water.

Do not wear a pair of shoes for a long time, pay attention to changing, drying and washing frequently.

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