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Kids Clothes finally launch online, serve BC parents, a perfect place for you to consign your baby clothing. 

11th, July, 2022, Vancouver, Minimore Kids Clothing Online store announced that carrying more baby clothes to fulfill local market's needs. 

In 2018, Jessie and Sabrina, both mothers to two beautiful children were frustrated at how quickly their children were growing out of their clothing, and accessories and these excellent condition items started accumulating at home. They then started reselling these items to their friends and were so excited to see how these items can be repurposed for use to other beautiful families.

Finally in 2022, Jessie and Sabrina, took this passion and co-founded Minimore.

"We are excited to announce that we now serve customers to all over Vancouver and Alberta and are thrilled to be able to continue the expansion of our passion and joy!" The co-founder of Minimore, Jessie said. 

Baby Clothes Vancouver:

Baby clothing refers to clothing worn by infants under 36 months. At this time, the baby's skin is delicate, the head is generally round, curious, incompetent, and chaotic. The style should be simple and loose, easy to take off and wear; the fabric should be natural fibers with strong water absorption and good air permeability . Such as soft cotton or wool. The colors are mostly light colors, warm colors or light pinks, and a little embroidery pattern can be appropriate. Never choose baby clothes with hard materials and baby clothes with hard buttons.

Color Selection:  Baby Clothes Store Vancouver

Brightly colored fabrics often contain a lot of chemical dye residues, which can easily lead to skin diseases in babies, so you should be careful when choosing them. At the same time, it should also be noted that some overly whitish fabrics are actually added with fluorescent agents, which needs to be identified by mothers when choosing.

Paying out a bit more, it is always worth it. 


The production of small clothes should be delicate and meticulous, with few burrs, careful stitching, and removal of thread ends, so as to ensure that the baby wears comfortably and is not scratched by rough clothing.

Kids Clothing Store Vancouver | Kids Clothes

Size and Style: Kids Clothing Online Store Vancouver

The baby is very active. If the clothes are too tight, it will not be conducive to the stretching and activities of his limbs. If he lacks activities for a long time, the baby is prone to illness. Loose and natural casual clothing should be the main thing, and loose clothes should be provided for the baby. The baby can move flexibly and freely, not only in a happy mood, but also can strengthen the exercise, which is very good for the baby's health. Too loose and uninspired. Choose clothing that is easy to put on and take off, such as jackets, loose-fitting bodysuits, dresses, vests, etc., which are more practical for young children, and pullovers, sportswear, etc. for children three or four years old.

Children's trousers are generally elastic bands, but some elastic bands are too tight, which will affect the normal development of children's breathing and chest bones. It is better to be a little looser.

Open crotch pants are not suitable for children who can already crawl and walk, especially girls, who have short urethra to avoid urinary tract infection . Boys should not wear zipper pants, so as not to accidentally embed the foreskin of the genitals in the zipper.

Hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact Minimore Kids Clothing Store Vancouver.

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